Spanish and Latinx Aid in the American Revolution

On the winter day of January 10, 1778, US rebel officer James Willing departed from Spanish owned Nueva Orleáns (New Orleans), with military armaments and supplies for the US Continental Army fighting against the British.  Willing traveled up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to reach the eastern ports.  The military supplies were provided on credit from the Spanish government.   The British Governor in Florida was furious over the Spanish assistance to the rebels.  He sent a demand letter to Bernardo de Gálvez, ending with “I cannot conclude this letter without once more Remonstrating against your Subjects transporting military Stores and Clothing up the River Mississippi destined for the Colonies in Rebellion, under Spanish Colours and Passports.” But the Spanish continued their military assistance throughout the American Revolutionary War. For more information on the important role of the Spanish and Latinos in the American Revolutionary War, please visit

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