Undocumented US Forces Invade Panama 1856

On September 16, 1856, US troops landed in Panama, remaining until September 22. The stated reason was to “protect American interests during an insurrection.”  The “insurrection” was actually a riot that had occurred in April of that year, involving a number of drunk tourists, an unpaid bar tab and a serving of watermelon.  One of William Walker’s enemy combatants was killed in the melee.  (Please see September 12, 1860 for more on Walker.)  Despite a delay of five months, the US government still thought that the incident justified an invasion, and 160 undocumented US soldiers invaded, took over the railway station, and eventually left – without firing a shot. No, this is not fake news, it really happened. (Image by www.Free-Extras.com)
El 16 de septiembre de 1856, las tropas estadounidenses desembarcaron en Panamá, permaneciendo hasta el 22 de septiembre. La razón declarada era “proteger los intereses estadounidenses durante una insurrección”. La “insurrección” fue en realidad un motín ocurrido en abril de ese año, que involucró a varios turistas borrachos, una cuenta de bar sin pagar y una porción de sandía. Uno de los combatientes enemigos de William Walker murió en el tumulto. (Consulte el 12 de septiembre de 1860 para obtener más información sobre Walker.) A pesar de una demora de cinco meses, el gobierno de los EE. UU. Todavía pensaba que el incidente justificaba una invasión, y 160 soldados estadounidenses indocumentados invadieron, tomaron la estación de tren y finalmente se fueron sin disparando un tiro. No, esto no es una noticia falsa, realmente sucedió. (Imagen de www.Free-Extras.com)

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  1. […] On September 27, 1860, undocumented US forces landed in Colombia at the Bay of Panama, to protect North American interests during a revolution. (I think that we’ve heard this excuse before?)  At least, that was the North American perspective.  The Colombian perspective was that the US was interfering with their sovereignty while the Colombians legitimately defended their nation from insurrection by enemy combatants.  (No watermelons were implicated or harmed in this invasion – please refer to September 19, 1856.) […]

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