Juan de Miralles, Spanish Emissary to the American Revolution

The Spanish empire in Europe and the Americas provided assistance to the North American rebels throughout the American Revolutionary War.  Not wanting to provoke the British into war before they were ready, the Spanish managed covert operation to send aid to the Americans.  They also attempted to send emissaries.  On December 31, 1777, Juan de Miralles sailed from Havana. His mission had been carefully planned by the Captain General of Havana.  His ship had been strategically sabotaged, so that it would have to make an emergency landing in the South Carolina, instead of crossing the Atlantic to Europe, which was the cover story. The emissary, Juan de Miralles, soon made his way to Philadelphia, where he was a friend of George Washington and many leaders of the Revolution.  Please visit www.OurAmericanHistory.com for more information.

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