The Start of the Most Recent Cycle of the Mayan Calendar

August 11, 3117 BCE.  Yes, you read this date correctly, 3117 BCE, Before Christian Era.  That’s over 5129 years ago. This date is the beginning of the most recent cycle of the Mayan Calendar, which completed on December 21, 2012.  As noted, the world did not end, so hopefully, you did not tell off your irritating boss or go shopping with your 401(k) funds.  The event was celebrated in the Mayan world, as a new era began.  Hopefully in this era, the Mayans will gain respect and acknowledgement of their sophisticated and complex culture, and they won’t have to wait another 5000 years for this overdue recognition.  (To really, really learn about Mayan culture beyond the latest hype, please read a book by Professor Dennis Tedlock, one of which is featured in the image.)

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