Pedro Romero de Terreros, The Silver King

June 28, 1710 is the birth date of Pedro Romero de Terreros, the Conde de Regla, born in Cortegana, Spain.   His small town in Spain offered him few opportunities, so he immigrated to Mexico in 1728 to seek a better life.  He began his career in Queretaro, a small elegant city in central Mexico, and became the wealthiest man in Mexico after developing silver mines.   This Mexican silver, in turn, funded much of the wealth for Spanish shipments of military supplies to the US Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.  A controversial man, his rise to power was marked by constant disputes with his employees, but he insisted that his goals were revenue for the Spanish crown and for charity. Please read more about Pedro’s fascinating life story in “The Silver King: the remarkable life of the Count of Regla in colonial Mexico” by Edith Boorstein Couturier.  For more information on the extensive assistance given to the North American Rebels during the American Revolutionary War please visit