Happy Birthday to Lee Buck Trevino, Professional Golfer

Happy Birthday to one of golf’s best loved talents, Lee Buck Trevino, born in Dallas, Texas on December 1, 1939.  His family was poor financially but rich in spirit.  Trevino recalled regularly jumping across a fence from his home into a local golf course to practice at night. He became an internationally renowned player, winning tournaments throughout the world.  His victories include year-to-year wins in the British Open in 1971 and 1972; the 1972 Hartford Open; the Canadian Open in 1971, 1977, and 1979; the Mexican Open in 1973 and 1975; and both the 1969 and 1971 World Cup golf tournaments. In 1990, Trevino became the first Senior PGA player to earn more prize money than the highest earner of the regular tour. Known for his great humor and fun pranks, a sports commentator said of Trevino, “You can’t keep a good man down.” (Please see August 17, 1973 for more on Trevino. Image of Sports Illustrated Cover, 1969)

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