Birthday of Jorge Mas Canosa, Entrepreneur and Politician

September 21, 1939 was the birthday of the controversial business and political leader Jorge Mas Canosa, born in Santiago, Cuba.  Mas was educated at Presbyterian Junior College in North Carolina, and studied law in Cuba at the University of Oriente.  After being arrested for opposing the Batista regime in Cuba, Mas and his family immigrated to Florida.  Mas began by washing dishes, and in true American Dream style became the highly successful owner of communications and construction businesses.  From Florida, he was the leader of the opposition to Fidel Castro. In 1961, he participated in the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that was backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency (like, interference in elections on steroids).  Mas became a leading donor to the Republican Party, and actively supported the embargo and restrictions against Cuba.  A tenacious man, Mas once challenged a political opponent to a duel with a choice of pistols or swords; fortunately, his opponent calmly insisted on water pistols.  His death at age 58 was mourned in the Cuban exile community in Florida and celebrated in Cuba.

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