Batlle Family, Uruguay

While the Bush family can boast of two US Presidents, the Batlle family of Uruguay holds a record for winning Presidential elections, with four presidents over the Uruguayan nation’s history.  The latest to win this honor is Jorge Luis Batlle Ibáñez, born on October 25, 1927 in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Batlle faced a number of difficulties, including a nation that was still recovering from a brutal military dictatorship and serious problems with corruption.  His approach has been forthright and innovative.  Soon after his election, Batlle disclosed his salary and the salary of his closest associates on the presidential website.   Batlle is a strong advocate of the Internet, and computer technology, and one of his key policies is for all Uruguayan students to become computer literate. Although Batlle is allied with many US policies, he is outspoken in his advocacy to legalize drugs as a means of decriminalizing the bloody industry.  As Batlle stated in an interview, “The day that it (drugs) is legalized in the United States, it will lose its value. And if it loses value, there will be no profit.”

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