Happy Birthday to Saundra Santiago, Actress

Happy Birthday to actress Saundra Santiago, the talented daughter of a Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother.  Santiago was born in The Bronx in New York on April 13, 1957.  Her family later moved to Florida, where Santiago was an All-American girl:  cheerleader, homecoming queen, and class president.  After earning her MFA from Southern Methodist University in 1981, she moved back to New York and worked as – guess what? – a singing waitress while she auditioned.  (What did I mention about Latinx waiters/ waitresses?  Please see Andy Garcia, April 12.) While Santiago is famous for her television role on “Miami Vice”, she has starred in numerous stage roles, from the serious “A View from the Bridge” to the musical “Nine”.   When she is not dazzling audiences, Santiago volunteers for community work with the Miami police department.  (Photo by David Vance)

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