Antonio Rudolph Oaxaca Quinn, Academy Award Winner

April 21, 1915 is the birthday of Antonio Rudolph Oaxaca Quinn, the son of freedom fighters in the Mexican Revolution. Later known as the Academy Award winning actor, Anthony Quinn, he was literally conceived in a battlefield. His mother’s field officer ordered the heroic pregnant soldier to return to Chihuahua, Mexico by train when he learned of her pregnancy. The family later settled in El Paso, Texas.  His father died when he was 10 years old, and Quinn worked as a water boy on construction sites to help support his family.  A diversely talented man, he had aspired to be an architect, which eventually led to his first roles in Hollywood. (It’s complicated.) Quinn starred in over 100 films and won two Academy awards.  His hallmark role was as the exuberant Zorba the Greek, an apt metaphor for his exuberant life.

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