US ends illegal invasion of Mexico, 1914

On November 23, 1914, undocumented and uninvited US forces finally withdrew from Veracruz, Mexico, which they invaded and occupied for seven months.  From the Mexican point of view, the US is usually very nonchalant about crossing the border into Mexico, and this invasion spurred by the Tampico Affair was another example.  After Mexican authorities arrested American naval personnel who were in their territory, the US demanded an apology, and much more. The US also demanded that the Mexican Army give the US a 21-gun salute and raise the US flag on Mexican soil.  Um, guess what happened next? The Mexican commanding general released the US sailors and gave a written apology, but refused the salute and the flag ceremony. From the US perspective, this incident was a perfectly justifiable reason to invade a sovereign nation.  (No, really, I do not make up this stuff.)  A huge convoy of US warships was soon dispatched and the invasion commenced. (Image of US Navy ships surrounding Veracruz, Mexico)

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