Happy Birthday to Leonardo Boff

Happy Birthday to philosopher, priest, writer, professor and social activist Leonardo Boff, born on December 14, 1938 in Concórdia, Brazil. Boff was educated in Brazil, Germany and the UK, and is a passionate proponent of “liberation theology”.  Liberation theology calls for Christians to empower the poor and oppressed, not only on a spiritual level, but also to advance economic and social justice.  Among the books he authored is “Jesus Christ Liberator”, which portrayed Jesus as a liberal and radical with a social agenda to improve the lives of poor people.  Boff also supported the ordination of women in the Catholic priesthood.  Unsurprisingly, these views conflicted with the Vatican, and Boff was officially summoned to Rome in 1984, and his work was censored by the Church.  He finally left the priesthood, married, and is now a professor, still working for the cause of the poor (99%). As Boff stated in an interview,  “Today the problem is no longer marginalization of the poor but complete exclusion. The question now is how to survive. That’s why liberation theology deals with fundamental issues like work, health, food, shelter, and how we live.”

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