Happy Birthday to Alberto Salazar

Happy Birthday to Alberto Salazar, one of the USA’s most talented marathon runners, born in Havana, Cuba on August 7, 1958.  His father fought in Castro’s rebel army, but became disillusioned with Castro and Che Guevera, and immigrated to Florida in 1960.  Salazar trained at the University of Oregon, where his coach instructed him to run up thousands of stadium steps with an inner tube filled with sand on his shoulders to improve his technique.   Salazar won the New York City Marathon in 1980 and 1981 and the Boston Marathan in 1982.  He qualified for the US Oympic team in 1980 (the team did not compete due to the international boycott of the Moscow Olympics).  In his first New York Marathon, he achieved a time of 2:09:41, a course record and the fastest marathon debut in history.  (Cover Image of Sports Illustrated)

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