Happy Birthday to Frida Kahlo

July 6, 1907

Frida Kahlo began her wildly imaginative, tragic, ingenious life on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico.  Kahlo’s grandfather was a Hungarian Jewish immigrant and her mother was Hispanic-Native American.   Her father recognized and encouraged her iconoclastic nature and intellectual curiosity.  Kahlo suffered terribly from physical ailments:  polio as a child, a horrific streetcar accident in 1922 that forced her to be bed ridden for months at a time, and several miscarriages during her marriage to Diego Rivera.  During these dark times she began to paint, producing dazzling and sometimes disturbing portraits of herself and her friends, hued in mythology and allegory.  Friend of the famous, her admirers were legion, and she was the “It” girl of the early 20th century, persisting through a difficult life with humor, intelligence and brilliance.

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