Happy Birthday to Cantinflas, Comedian and Humanitarian

Cantinflas, a celebrated comedic actor, was born Mario Moreno Reyes on August 12, 1911, in Mexico City, Mexico.  Cantinflas was from a poor family, and as a child, he was a street performer to earn money.  In 1937, Cantinflas married his wife and lifelong collaborator, Valentina Subareff.  He worked his way to Hollywood, where fellow comedian Charlie Chaplin, who saw one of Cantinflas’ earliest films, declared Cantinflas to be the greatest comedian alive.  He starred in 49 films, including the American film “Around the World in Eighty Day”.  He never forgot his background, and used his millions to aid Mexico’s poor.  People lined up at the door of his home in Mexico, and the generous philanthropist was always able to help.

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