The “Archives of Terror” 1992

From the dark silence of the dusty pages of hidden archives, the voices of the tortured dead began to speak once more.  While looking for documents on the fate of an individual prisoner, lawyer and human-rights activist Dr. Martín Almada and Judge José Agustín Fernández uncovered the files that became known as the “Archives of Terror” on December 22, 1992.  These archives detailed the campaign by military dictatorships in South America against their perceived enemies, who included labor organizers and critical journalists.  Known as Operation Condor, these right wing governments murdered an estimated 60,000 people and imprisoned and tortured hundreds of thousands more in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. The US Government supplied technical support to the program for a number of years during the Cold War. (Image of Dr. Martín Almada)

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