Santiago Iglesias Pantín Iglesias, Resident Commissioner

Santiago Iglesias Pantín Iglesias was elected to a four-year term as Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner to the US House of Representatives on November 8, 1932.  Born in La Coruña, Spain in 1872, he later immigrated to Cuba.   He spent seven years organizing the labor movement, was forced to flee from Cuba due to his support of the Cuban revolutionary movement.   He boarded a ship for England, but instead disembarked in Puerto Rico.  After starting a newspaper that advocated the rights of working class people in Puerto Rico, he was imprisoned.  When US forces arrived at the end of the Spanish American War, Iglesias and other political prisoners were freed.   Iglesias continued his career in the labor movement, and organized Puerto Rico’s first major Socialist party.  Iglesias was a strong advocate of statehood for Puerto Rico.  After his 1932 election, he continued his public service to improve the lives of Puerto Ricans.  Iglesias died in office in 1939.

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