Happy Birthday to Oscar de la Renta

Perhaps it was growing up as the only son with six sisters, perhaps the art study in Madrid or the influence of the vibrant tropics in which he was raised … or each of these and more contributed to design the successful businessman, humanitarian and fashion rock star known as Oscar de la Renta.  A native of Santo Domingo, he was a household name in El Norte who dressed First Ladies of both political colors.  In Style magazine summarized the renowned designer as, “The name Oscar de la Renta is so lushly rhythmic that even women who own nothing more than his perfume spritz it with the confidence of knowing that these six melodious syllables ensure entrance into a world of limitless grace and polish.  After more than 30 years on and around Seventh Avenue, his presence is proof that a man can possess impeccable taste and manners without displaying the slightest trace of dandyism and also design unrepentantly feminine clothes without ever misreading the desires of today’s women.”  In 2014, Oscar departed from this world to dress the angels in celestial designs, which will never need to be dry cleaned.

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