Nicaraguan Presidential Candidate Daniel Ortega 1984

In a speech before the United Nations General Assembly on October 2, 1984, Nicaraguan Presidential candidate Daniel Ortega charged that “intelligence information from various sources” indicated that the US was planning a two-stage invasion of Nicaragua.  The invasion would be timed to force the Sandinistas to cancel the national balloting scheduled for November 4, 1984.   Ortega stated that the US planned to use the Contra forces in a Grenada style invasion, and that US enemy combatants would also invade.  Despite the formidable efforts of the US CIA through the Iran-Contra campaign, which did fund opposition forces, Ortega was elected and took office in January 1985.  He won the Nicaraguan Presidency a second time in 2007. (Image from Time Magazine; reference to then President Ronald Reagan.)

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