Feliz Año Nuevo / Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve is celebrated throughout the Americas, with parties, fireworks, traditional food and family dinners.  In Spain, Spaniards gather in the central plaza at Puerta del Sol, and eat one grape for each chime of the clock at midnight (this is actually a little more difficult than it sounds, particularly if your grapes are big).  This tradition was carried to the New World, and party goers in countries such as Mexico make a wish with each grape.  In Panama, the town of Las Tablas has an early version of February carnival, with an extravagant competition for Carnival Queen.  The citizens of Puerto Rico spend the day housecleaning, and the evening toasting with friends and family over a dinner of bacalao (cod).  Whichever country you choose to spend New Year, you’ll find a warm Latinx welcome throughout the Americas.   We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your discovery of the Americas this year, and that our Almanac has given you opportunities to think of and perhaps even to love the peoples of the Americas.  Please join us next year for more digital adventures. (Image of fireworks on the skyline of la ciudade de Panama, Panama.)

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