Mission of San Juan Capistrano, 1776

The rustle of swallows’ wings and their soft songs have graced the area now known as San Juan Capistrano since all of our times began.  The region was initially settled by the Native Americans. The Spanish arrived in 1775, and founded the Mission of San Juan Capistrano on November 1, 1776.  This mission was the 7th of 21 missions established by the Spanish across California. In 1821, the area was under rule by the Mexican government.  The territory changed hands again in 1848 after the Mexican-American War, and the US took control. The mission was in a period of decline until President Abraham Lincoln returned it to the Catholic community, who restored the mission to its present beautiful state. And each year, regardless of wars or governments or ownership, the swallows faithfully return. (Image from CaliforniaMissionGuide.com/

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