Miguel Eduardo Antonio, Spanish Agent and Spy

On May 23, 1776, shortly before the July 4 Declaration of Independence was signed, the Cuban vessel, the Santa Barbara, was captured by a British warship in the Delaware Bay. On board was Miguel Eduardo Antonio, sent by the Spanish government in Havana to make contact with the North American rebels. He was traveling under the guise of merchant.  The British searched the ship, found 12,000 silver pesos, and accused Antonio of being a spy coming to aid the rebels (which he was, actually).  Antonio was taken prisoner, but given his fluency in English and charming personality, he was soon invited to dinners with the British officers.  He had several interviews with James Murray, Earl of Dunmore and Royal Governor of Virginia, all of which he reported to the Spanish military commanders in Havana when he eventually returned. For more information on how the Spanish and Latinos helped to win the American Revolutionary War, please visit www.OurAmericanHistory.com


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