Juan Nepomuceno, War Hero of Seguín, Texan

Juan Nepomuceno Seguín, born on October 29, 1806, is regarded as a hero in Texas for his service in the war to gain independence from Mexico.  (Yes, you read this correctly: a Latinx hero in the Republic of Texas’ War of Independence.)  As the Texas independence movement began to unfold, many Anglos and Mexican Americans joined together against Mexican General Santa Anna. Seguín’s friend, Stephen F. Austin, appointed him as captain in the Texas cavalry in October 1835.  Austin also introduced him to General Sam Houston; Houston later became the first President of the Republic of Texas. Seguín commanded a brigade and fought in the Battle of San Antonio.  At the Battle of San Jacinto, Seguín captured three Mexican colonels and became known as the “Hero of San Jacinto.”  In 1840, Seguín was elected as the mayor of San Antonio, Texas.  Texas at that time was becoming the Wild West, and Seguín moved his family across the Mexican border to the safety of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  In Nuevo Laredo, he was promptly arrested and forced into the Mexican Army by the vengeful Santa Anna. He died in 1890 and was buried in Nuevo Laredo.  In 1974 his body was exhumed and returned to Seguín, Texas for burial, where he was honored for his contribution in the fight for independence.

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