Happy Birthday to Randy Castillo, Rock Musician

The beat began in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on December 18, 1950, when rock musician Randy Castillo made his day of birth debut.  His father was a mariachi musician who encouraged his talent, and Castillo was selected for Arizona’s All-State symphonic band during his senior year of high school. After playing in the local Arizona music scene, he moved to Los Angeles to advance his career. Castillo played with Ozzy Osbourne for most of his rock career, and he drummed on albums such as “The Ultimate Sin”, “No More Tears”, and “No Rest for the Wicked”. He also appeared in the documentary “Don’t Blame Me”. In 1999, Castillo was selected to play with the band Motley Crue, with whom he toured until his early death from cancer in 2002.

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