Lorraine Garcia-Nakata ‘Follow Your Gifts’

Happy Birthday to artist, art professor, and museum director Lorraine Garcia-Nakata, born in Yuba City, California, on November 14, 1950. Garcia- Nakata’s grandparents immigrated to the US in 1914 during the Mexican Revolution.  Garcia-Nakata has served the American public and the arts for over 30 years.  Her professional roles include Commissioner with the San Francisco Arts Commission, publisher and Executive Director of the Children’s Book Press, Executive Director of The Mexican Museum in San Francisco, and program director of Arts-in-Corrections, San Quentin State Prison. When asked for her advice for Latinx youngsters, she said, “When you are thinking in terms of a career, don’t base your choice on what seems to be practical now, at the moment. Remember that the world changes. Just base your career choices on what you really aspire to do. Do what you truly choose to do. Follow your gifts.”

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