Happy Birthday to Isabel Allende

Happy Birthday to award winning novelist and political activist Isabel Allende, born in Lima, Peru on August 2, 1942.  Her father was a Chilean diplomat and her uncle was former Chilean President, Salvador Allende.  Salvador Allende was assassinated in a coup widely believed to be engineered by the CIA.  Isabel, then a journalist, and her family fled to Venezuela, where she began writing her novels.  Her stories include “The House of the Spirits”, “Eva Luna”, and “Of Love and Shadows”.  “The House of the Spirits” is the story of the successive generations of a Latino family, of their loves, tragedies, and political intrigue. This novel was released as a film in the US in 1994.  Please see October 17, 1993 for more on this film.  (Image from The Isabel Allende Foundation)

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