Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Avellán Veloz, Dream Producer

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Avellán Veloz, an American film producer born in Caracas, Venezuela on November 8, 1960.  Her family moved to Houston when she was a child, and Avellán attended Rice University.  A leader of the film production scene in Texas Hollywood (the city of Austin), Avellán was a co-founder of Troublemaker Studios.  With Troublemaker, Avellán produced a string of blockbuster films that included “Sin City”, the “Spy Kids” trilogy and “Desperado”.  Avellán likens her production work to her other starring role as the mother of six children, “I’m the one who tells people, ‘Yes, you can do that,’ or ‘No, we don’t have money for that. It’s a lot like being a mother.”

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