Happy Birthday to Antonio Banderas

Happy Birthday to the talented Antonio Banderas, actor, singer, producer, and director, born on August 10, 1960 in Malaga, Spain.  He began acting in street theaters at age 14.  As he recounted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “I remember I couldn’t even (afford to) take a bus, so I had to walk six miles to get an audition.”  For his first Hollywood role in “The Mambo Kings”, Banderas stipulated in his contract that he would enroll in a Berlitz class – he did not speak English, and learned his lines phonetically. The now multi-millionaire actor and director (who no longer worries about taking the bus) starred in blockbuster films such as “Spy Kids”, “Shrek”, “The Mask of Zorro”, and “Puss in Boots”.  His most recent work is “Pain and Glory” with Pedro Almodovar, which is heralded as a career masterpiece.  (Image from DreamWorks).

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