Happy Birthday to “Chucho” Jesús Dionisio Valdés

Happy Birthday to “Chucho” Jesús Dionisio Valdés, the Grammy Award winning jazz pianist and composer, born in Quivicán, Cuba.  Chucho’s early life reads like a Hollywood script:  his parents were musicians who were well known at the famous Tropicana Club in roaring pre-revolutionary Havana.  Chucho met the great American jazz musicians performing there, including Nat King Cole, Dizzy Gillespie, and Sarah Vaughn. (Please check Wikipedia if you’re too young to know of these luminaries, or if these luminaries are too old for you to know).  He began playing piano at age 3, and inspired the Latin Jazz movement in Cuba and later in the US.  In 1980, he founded the Annual Havana International Jazz Festival (Please see December 15 for more information.) Chucho has won a total of 8 Grammy Awards, the most recent in 2011.  He is now touring worldwide – visit www.ValdesChucho.com to catch up with Chucho.

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