Albert Vinicio Baez, Physicist, Educator, and Researcher

The brilliant physicist, educator, and researcher Albert Vinicio Baez was born in Puebla, Mexico on November 15, 1912.  Baez earned an MS from Drew University and a Ph D from Stanford.  Baez taught and conducted research at a number of prestigious institutions including MIT, Harvard, the University of California-Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, the Algerian Institute of Electricity and Electronics and the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico.  Baez, the son of a Methodist minister and a Quaker, inspired the social activism of his daughters, two of whom were singers Joan Baez and Mimi Fariña.  He chaired the Commission on Education of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources for four years and founded Vivamos Mejor/USA to support education and economic development in rural Mexico.

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