“For Love or Country”

The TV film, “For Love or Country”, premiered on October 18, 2000.  Real-life musician Arturo Sandoval was the hero of the film, with his role played by handsome actor Andy Garcia.  Sandoval was born in Cuba, and was a huge fan of North American jazz musicians, particularly Dizzy Gillespie.   Sandoval formed his own band and toured and recorded, but felt restricted by the Cuban government.   In Havana, Sandoval met and befriended (BFF) Gillespie, and the two became musical collaborators. While touring in Europe with Gillespie in 1990, Sandoval defected to a US embassy.  In an interview, he said, “I’m so glad to be in the United States.  When I come home from a tour, I kiss the ground here as soon as I get off the plane. . . We have all the freedom in the world to do what we want to do.”  The Grammy award winning Sandoval has released more than 20 albums.

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