El Mozote Massacre 1981

The screams of terror and the flow of tears continued throughout the day and night as the people of El Mozote, El Salvador, were massacred by the battalion known as the “Angels of Hell”.  The villagers were raped, tortured, bayoneted and shot at point blank range.  When the last of their blood had soaked into the earth and the last of the dead stared open eyed at the sky, over 800 civilian men, women, and children had been brutally murdered. The massacre occurred during the El Salvadoran Civil War, when much Central America was embroiled in conflict, often with US intervention. The “Angels of Hell” of the Salvadoran Atlacatl Battalion were trained at the US Army School of the Americas, which was then operating in Panama.  In 1992, formal exhumations of the bodies began, and a United Nations-sponsored Truth Commission uncovered the horrifying sequence of events.

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