Diego Rivera Paints The World

On December 8, 1886, one of Mexico’s most famous painters and personalities made his debut in Guanajuato, Mexico.  Diego Rivera and his murals are famous throughout the world.  Rivera was a rebel with a cause, who eschewed traditional painting techniques and developed his own style of politicized, socially conscious art.  He studied in Mexico and Europe, where he was influenced by the cubist and modernist art movements sweeping through Paris.  Rivera worked in the US for several years beginning in 1930, and created murals for the Stock Exchange Luncheon Club and the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco and for the Detroit Institute of Arts in Michigan. He married Mexican artist Frieda Kahlo; the two loved each other in a stormy, passionate and turbulent relationship. (Please see March 13, 1936 for more on Rivera.)

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