Happy Birthday to War Hero Macario Garcia

January 20, 1920, is the birth date of war hero Macario Garcia, one of 17 Mexican-Americans who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courage in World War II.  Garcia was born in Mexico and immigrated to the US. In the battlefields of Grosshau Germany, Garcia, acting as squad leader, single-handedly assaulted two machine gun emplacements.   His company was trapped by machine gun and mortar fire, and the badly wounded Garcia continued fighting until the enemy was routed.  Upon his return to the US, while wearing his uniform and the Congressional Medal of Honor, he was denied a cup of coffee in a restaurant in his hometown of Sugarland, Texas.  During World War II, Hispanics volunteered for duty in a greater percentage than any other ethnic group, and earned disproportionately more Medals of Honor.

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