The Red Sox Latino 1997

Pedro Martinez signed a $75 million, six-year contract with the Red Sox on December 12, 1997, making Martinez the highest paid player in baseball at that time.  Martinez’ life story is woven from the American Dream.  He grew up in a poor rural village in the Dominican Republic, and was a sensitive child who studiously did his homework while sitting in a mango tree.  When he began formal practice, the Dodgers’ pitching coach worried about his 137 pound frame, but felt that Martinez had a big heart. In 1991 Sporting News named him the Minor League Player of the Year and Martinez made his major league debut in 1992. After signing the multi-million dollar contract, the big hearted Martinez financed the building of a church, an elementary school, a playground, and three houses for homeless families in his childhood town. (Image from Sports Illustrated Magazine)

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