The First Bond Girl was Latinx!

Among the Latinas that you didn’t know were Latina is Linda Christian, the first Bond girl. That’s Bond, as in James Bond.  Christian, whose given name was Blanca Rosa Welter, was born in Tampico, Mexico on November 13, 1923.  Her life story could have been written by an imaginative screenwriter. Christian’s aspiration as a youth was to become a physician, but Hollywood megastar Errol Flynn convinced her to abandon her humanitarian aspirations for the bright lights of Los Angeles. After a romance with Flynn, Christian eventually married another Hollywood heartthrob, Tyrone Power, the first of her three husbands. Christian starred in the first screen production of a Bond novel, a television production of “Casino Royale”.  She appeared in an Alfred Hitchcock film, and with the strong/silent Johnny Weissmuller in “Tarzan and the Mermaids”.  (Mermaids in the jungle? Who knew?)  A stunningly beautiful woman, she was nicknamed the “anatomic bomb” in a profile by Life magazine (the celebrity precursor to People magazine).

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