Teresa Urrea, Mystic and Healer

Teresa Urrea, the gifted mystic, healer, and psychic of Mexican and Yaqui heritage, was born on October 15, 1873 in Rancho Santana, in northern central Mexico. After a traumatic illness, Teresa began to lapse into trances and believed that the Catholic Virgin Mary wished for her to cure people.  Reports of her cures were astonishing and miraculous. Teresa soon developed a large following of devotees in politically turbulent areas of Mexico, to the consternation of the ruling elite. Her name was invoked by Native Americans in Mexico during periods of political unrest, though Teresa herself never sought political or military leadership.  Teresa and her father were sent into exile in Arizona in 1892, where she continued to cure thousands of people. Teresa died at the young age of 33, and is buried in the Shannon Hill Catholic cemetery in Arizona.

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