Romualdo Pacheco, First Latinx Governor of California

The first (and to date only) Latinx Governor of California was born on October 31, 1831. Romualdo Pacheco was born in Santa Barbara, California; his father was a native of Guanajuato, Mexico, who died when Pacheco was an infant.  His Scottish stepfather sent him to be educated in Honolulu, Hawaii, and he later returned to California.  Pachecho was a man of many talents; as a rancher, he once lassoed a grizzly bear.  His bilingual skills enabled him to gain the support of the long-established Latino families and the immigrant Anglo Americans, who contributed to his political success.  Pachecho had a long and distinguished career in public service, including in the Union Army, the California State Senate, and the US Congress. Pachecho was also appointed as diplomatic minister for the US in Central America.

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