Mayor Michael Bloomberg visits Dominican Republic 2001

In solidarity and compassion, New York City Mayor-elect Michael Bloomberg traveled to the Dominican Republic, to meet with grieving families who lost relatives when an American Airlines flight crashed in New York earlier that month. About 70% of the 260 passengers who died were Dominican.  Bloomberg arrived in his private jet, and received a welcome motorcade from the airport. Bloomberg also met with President Hipólito Mejía, and he agreed to aid the Dominican families. The two government officials also discussed the issues and problems for Dominicans living in New York City.  Bloomberg commented on the situation for the undocumented immigrants:  ”I think, as a compassionate society, we have to find some ways that these people can get some finality. But the federal government has to be in charge of that, our immigration policy and its borders. I certainly would urge them to understand the pain and suffering and love.”

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