Marching in the USA’s first Inaugural Parade (George invited him)

On April 30, 1789, Spanish Ambassador Diego Maria de Gardoqui marched in the Inaugural parade of his colleague and friend, newly elected President George Washington.  Gardoqui had assisted Washington and the rebel army throughout the American Revolutionary War, sending shipment after shipment of supplies financed by himself and the government of Spain.   After the Revolution, when Washington had returned to his farm at Mount Vernon, Gardoqui sent him a Spanish-Arabian stallion.  He also introduced Washington — who was a GQ kind of guy– to vicuña wool from wild South American herds.  A delighted Washington wrote that the cloth was “of a softness and richness which I have never seen before, and is truly worthy of being called his Majesty’s true manufactured cloth.” For more information on the extensive aid that the Spanish and Latinx provided to the American Revolutionary War, please visit

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