Libertad Lamarque, Star of the Silver Silent Screen

At the height of her luminous career, Libertad Lamarque was hailed by the London press as “the second biggest export from South America, the first being Carmen Miranda….” Lamarque was born in Rosario, Argentina, on November 24, 1908, and made her first appearance on stage at age 8. She became a star of the silent silver screen, but turned down contracts with big name Hollywood studios in 1940. Even without the Hollywood studios, Lamarque starred in more than 60 motion pictures and sang on 2,000 recordings.  She performed on stage and television in South America and the US. Her complex, multicultural music comprised soulful tangos, boleros, waltzes, milongas, and Mexican rancheras, and influenced many of our contemporary music performers. Lamarque loved to entertain her audiences; a month before her death at age 92 she said, “I’ll work forever.  As long as I have a good pulse to put my make-up on, I’ll keep working.”

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