Lee Trevino Hits his First Hole-in-one On a Professional Tour

On August 17, 1973, Mexican American golfing superstar Lee Trevino hit his first hole-in-one on a professional tour.  Growing up in Texas, his impoverished family lived in a house with no running water or electricity – but it was at the back of a field next to a golf course.  Trevino made his first golf club at age six, cutting down a discarded club to fit his small stature.  He watched golfers on the course during the day, and snuck over to play on the empty course at night.  At 17, he lied about his age and joined the US Marines, serving for four years in Asia.  There, Trevino played golf with the Marine Division tournaments in Japan and the Philippines.  He finally took lessons from the Professional Golf Association to qualify for the tournament, and by the 1970’s Trevino dominated the sport of golf.  In an interview with Time magazine, the overwhelmingly popular Trevino said, “I represent the guy who goes to the driving range, the municipal player, the truck driver, the union man, the guy who grinds it out.”

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