King Carlos III of Spain

Birthday of King Carlos III of Spain, who ruled from 1759 to 1788, during the time of the American Revolutionary War.  Carlos III authorized covert military aid to the struggling North American rebels beginning in 1776 and throughout the seven years of the rebellion.  The Spanish declared war on the British in June of 1779, and put boots on the ground in the South.  The Spanish challenged the British in the southern theater, where the rebels were struggling.  Carlos III was an enlightened and benevolent man, truly concerned about the welfare of his citizens.  To be more specific, his European citizens. The First Nation Revolutionaries such as Túpac Amaru II were treated much less benevolently. His stated mission during his reign was worthy of 21st century democracies: to balance Spain’s budget, cut taxes and devote all his attention to improving the welfare of his subjects. (US Congress, are you listening?)

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