Juan Ramón Jiménez, Nobel Prize Winner

The Noble prize winning Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez was born on December 23, 1881, in Moguer, Spain. This city is in Andalusia, the sun-kissed south of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, and has been influenced by the waves of numerous civilizations and cultures. Jiménez was well traveled, and spent time in the US, Europe, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. His life reflected the turbulent times in his home country, as Spain lost its overseas empire in the Spanish American War in 1898 and –temporarily – its soul in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930’s.  Through the turmoil, Jiménez continued to write, and he enjoyed international respect and admiration for his work. He earned a Noble Prize in 1956, “for his lyrical poetry, which in Spanish language constitutes an example of high spirit and artistical purity”.

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