José Iturbi, Musician and Hollywood Composer

Jose Iturbi’s elegant piano music filled concert halls throughout Europe, South America, and the US. He was one of the few musicians to popularize classical music in Hollywood.  Valencia was born in Valencia, Spain, on November 28, 1895.  He began taking piano lessons at age 4.  Within three years he was studying at the Conservatorio de Música in Valencia and working as a child star playing piano for silent movies.  A local journalist galvanized the citizens of Valencia to raise funds for him to study music in Paris when he was 13. After Paris, Iturbi immigrated to the US and became a citizen in 1943. During World War II, he enthusiastically supported his new homeland by enrolling in the Civilian Air Patrol and performing for war bond drives. Iturbi’s next frontier was Hollywood, where he became a highly successful composer and was featured in a number of films. Please visit the Jose Iturbi Foundation.

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