José David Alfaro Siqueiros, Artist

The provocative social realist artist José David Alfaro Siqueiros was born in Camargo, Mexico, on December 29, 1896.  Siqueiros was one of the founders of the mural movement in Mexico, and he was also an active labor organizer and member of Mexico’s Communist party.  Siqueiros didn’t live no ho-hum life. A global citizen, he taught art in Los Angeles, California, painted murals in New York, Chile, and Mexico, traveled to Russia to participate in global political forums, and joined the Spanish Republican Army to fight against fascism in Spain.  In 1960, he was imprisoned for several years by the Mexican government for the crime of “social dissolution”.  After his release, he continued his artistic dissidence with the groundbreaking work “The March of Humanity” on the Congress Hall of Mexico City. (Image from

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