Spanish Diplomacy with Rebels of the North American Colonies

On August 23, 1783, a cordial meeting with held between diplomat of the rebel North American colonies, Michael Carmichael, and the Spanish monarch, King Carlos III. Carmichael was presented as the Chargé de’Affairs of the United States, an official of a sovereign nation.  Carmichael, mindful of his instructions that the King preferred simple introductions to long winded speeches, “contented myself with expressing to his Majesty my happiness in being the first of my countrymen who had the good fortune to assure him of their desire to cultivate his amity.”  Carlos smiled and answered him graciously, “saying that he hoped I should have frequent occasions of making him the same assurances.”  The meetings continued for several days, for visits of about forty-five minutes, with the King’s family in attendance as well.  Please visit for more on the contribution of the Spanish and Hispanic Americans to the American Revolutionary War.

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