Happy Birthday to Tish Hinojosa, Singer, Songwriter, and Social Activists

Happy Birthday to singer, songwriter, and social activist Tish Hinojosa, born in San Antonio, Texas, on December 6, 1955.  Hinojosa began her singing career with a $20 Mexican guitar, a gift from her mother that she still treasures.  Hinojosa’s music reflects her bicultural heritage in the borderlands of Texas and Mexico. Her music is described as alchemy of American folk music, Nashville’s country-western, traditional Mexican genres, and Mexican-American music from Texas. Hinojosa writes that, “When you resist pop formulas for your own artistic vision, the twists are sometimes confusing, but now I’m seeing the wonderful results of not straying from a true road.” Hinojosa is an activist for the National Association for Bilingual Education and the National Latino Children’s Agenda. (Image from Hinojosa’s official web site, www.MundoTish.com)

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