Manlio Argueta, Poet, Novelist and Political Activists

Happy Birthday to novelist, political activist, poet and publisher Manlio Argueta, born on November 24, 1936 in San Miguel, El Salvador.  Argueta studied literature and law at the national University of El Salvador, and is internationally known for his chronicling of the brutal civil war in El Salvador through his literary works. In 1972, Argueta had to flee El Salvador when the national army intervened at the university and his award winning novel, “Un día en la vida” (“One Day of Life”) was banned.  He continued his work in exile in Costa Rica. Argueta has returned to El Salvador, and now directs the National Library of El Salvador and continues his social activism and writing.   In an interview in the Village Voice in 1987, Argueta spoke of his fellow citizens as, “The poor in El Salvador are the majority, and they are the heirs of Mesoamerican culture, which was once so powerful. They remain on the fringes, but they are impossible to destroy.”  (Image from

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