Happy Birthday to José Donoso Yáñez

October 5, 1924 was the birthdate of internationally renowned Chilean writer José Donoso Yáñez, born in Santiago, Chile. Donoso attended an English language day school as a youngster in Chile.  A rebellious youth, he wrote that he hated his school work and compulsory sports, while his wanderlust inspired travels in South America, the US and Europe.  Donoso later won a scholarship to Princeton University, where he earned a BA in 1951. He spent much of his life in self-imposed exile, and was deeply opposed to the brutal military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet. The New York Times described Donoso’s work as, “… novels and short stories [that] used dark surrealism and social satire to explore the haunted lives of exiles and writers and a world of aristocratic excesses.”  (Photo by Ulf  Andersen/Getty Images)

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